Thursday, July 26, 2012


So, I've been busy lately (who hasn't been?), and haven't been making as much progress on the mystery gift quilt as I'd like. That said, here are the current counts:

Back squares cut (of 90) - 96 (I'll find a use for the extras) 
Batting squares cut (of 90) - 88
Blocks pieced (of 90) - 45 
Blocks assembled (of 90) - 45
Blocks finished with sashing (of 90) - 41 
Rows of blocks assembled (of 10) - 1 
Rows of blocks finished (of 10) - 0 
Rows attached together (of 10) - 0 
Rows attached & finished (of 10) - 0 
Binding attached - 0 
Binding finished - 0

More hand sewing of the sashing on row 1 is on tap for the bi-weekly "quilt night" at my friend's apartment tonight. A group of quilters worked on a project together last year and enjoyed each other's company so much that a handful of us (whoever is available) get together every two weeks or so to work on whatever hand work we have to do -- quilting, embroidery, or whatever. We bring cheese, crackers, cookies, wine, or whatever strikes our fancy to share. There are always intriguing projects to see and our conversations run the gamut from challenges with kids and family, to travel tips, current events, recipes, and even quilt topics. Yet another instance of a nurturing quilting community. I love me some quilt night!

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  1. So a little birdie spilled the beans and told me about your fabulous blog. It really IS a wonderful combination of quilting and writing! :)