Sunday, January 10, 2021

A new year, a new start - Project Quilting 12.1

I've committed (to myself) to participating in Project Quilting's 12 "season," which started this week. The first challenge is "Illuminating + Ultimate Gray," based on Pantone's two colors for 2021. Each project must be predominately yellow and gray, but not necessarily the specific Pantone yellow and gray.

I got a late start, but I made something that I actually need. I've been working out of my basement "office" since March and have cobbled together a backdrop to shield my unkempt basement from my computer's camera, sparing those in Zoom meeting from a view of our storage and ironing board. Now that I expect to be working for home for another six months or more, I've decided to fine tune my background. Inspired by everyone's bookshelf backgrounds, I made a bookshelf quilt over the summer, but, anticipating that I wouldn't need it in the basement long term (ha!), I only made it wide enough to fit the hanging bar in our bedroom. As a result, it doesn't fully block the basement view and I need a filler to take up that extra space. So, I'll hang this "table runner" next to the bookshelf quilt to provide a better background.

Wallpaper, January 9, 2021
(cotton fabric, cotton batting, cotton thread)

I threw it together with fabrics from a quilt I made for my niece's wedding a few years back. It's not exactly what I envisioned, but it's done.


  1. It may not be the "runner" that you had hoped to fill the space, but you met the PQ12.1 challenge. Well done!!

  2. Clever and beautiful! So happy you're joining in the pq fun!