Sunday, March 11, 2012


Saturday was a busy day, which meant I didn't have time to get much quilting done. My sister-in-law's father passed away last week, so we planned a trip to Long Island for the viewing. He was a very sweet man and will be dearly missed by his family and friends.

Before we picked up our Zipcar, there was time to put together a quick wonky log cabin block for a request that came in from the quilt guild. One of the members sent an e-mail plea for "extra quilt blocks to make a special quilt for someone in NEED of some healing thoughts." Our challenge from the last meeting (as you may recall) was to make a 12-1/2" wonky log cabin block in spring colors. I finished my yellow, blue, green, and pink/red blocks last weekend and cut them up to combine them into one block. Luckily, I had plenty of yellow scraps left and combined them with some other fabrics on hand to make a block to send in for the extra project.

I was surprised that it only took me about an hour and a half from start to finish. Apparently, the more blocks I make, the quicker the process!

While we had a car yesterday, we also decided to make a trip to Ikea (not so easy on the subway). They had some fun fabrics, but I was disappointed that they didn't have Cecilia (white and black with green birds) in stock. They did have Julita (black and white), Durita (blue), and Britten Hus (gray), so I stocked up on those instead.

(Note to self: Bring scissors for next trip to Ikea. The scissors at the fabric cutting desk are VERY dull.)

I also picked up a small, inexpensive LED lamp that will hopefully help show my fabric colors more accurately than the compact fluorescent and incandescent bulbs we have in the house. I'll eventually get a larger lamp, but for $10, this will hold me for a while.

And now, I'm off to get my hair cut, then my husband and I are checking out Green Depot in Manhattan. How did we not know about this green product place before?

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