Monday, March 5, 2012


Sunday kept me busy this week.  I found out that my niece is getting married this summer (Hurray!...another excuse to make a quilt), and I finished my challenge block for the quilt guild.  I found it less traumatizing to cut the blocks apart than I'd expected.  Certainly, this is one of those "measure twice, cut once" moments.

Here's the finished pink/red block:

Here's the blue block cut in quarters:

Here are the four pieces sewn together:

 I like how it turned out.  With the way the center flowers came together, it kind of looks like there's a pink and blue flower with a green stem.  I hope it blends well with the rest of the blocks from the other guild members.  They're going to draw a name from everyone who brings in a block and the winner gets them all.  Instant quilt top, ready for assembly!

I also finished the sashing on the rows of my other niece's quilt, sewed the first two rows together, and stitched the sashing on the front (between the two rows).  There's certainly more hand sewing on this quilt than I anticipated when I signed up for the class, but it's all straight lines, so not challenging.

I like seeing the progress on all my projects this weekend.  I guess I'll just have to start some more!

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