Saturday, April 14, 2012


Our office was closed on Friday (in observance of Passover), so I had time to work on more blocks for the green and brown basket weave quilt. Now that I finally have the brown fabric for the lattice, I've made excellent progress. (I think the blocks go nicely with my old green Bernina.)

Late in the afternoon, I headed into the city to meet a friend to go to a quilt show.  She works at City Quilter, so my husband and I stopped by a little early to do some shopping. A friend of his will be moving out of state this summer, so I decided to make a quilt to keep a bit of our love nearby. We found some suitable fabrics for the quilt, and also a few random fabrics to add to my stash. There's never a shortage of things to buy at City Quilter! (Or at any other quilt shop, for that matter.)

After the shop closed, we headed over to the Eli Alexander Gallery on East 27th Street to check out a show of quilts by Luke Haynes. The name of the show is "The American Context," and it features quilts inspired by iconic American art. Here's a photo of one of the quilts, inspired by "American Gothic" by Grant Wood.

I was particularly fond of the quilt inspired by John Singer Sargent's "Portrait of Madam X." Of course, I foolishly didn't take a photo of it, but here's the inspiration (very shocking in its day)...

...And you can find a photo of the quilt (and some others) on the NYC Metro Mod Quilters blog. He also made a quilt that had an optical illusion.  When lying flat, it has an odd look, but when it's draped on a bed, it looks like Benjamin Franklin is sitting on the bed. Very clever.

After an enjoyable time at the show, we were famished, so we popped over to Hill Country Chicken for a late dinner. 

Any place with homemade pies and ceramic chickens on the counter... okay by me. The fried chicken was delish, and I bought a few of their tiny 3" pies to enjoy later. The Cowboy Pie (dark chocolate, butterscotch chips, dried coconut, and toasted pecans in a graham cracker crust) was yummy, if a bit sweet. Now, what coconut has to do with cowboys, I've no idea.

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