Monday, April 9, 2012


I stayed home from work today with a queasy stomach, so I was sitting on the couch when my husband came in with the mail. Along with a quarterly statement from my 403b and a plea from the public radio station for financial support, there was a big padded envelope.

"Did you order more fabric?" he asked, knowing that it's not the most unlikely thing ever to arrive at our house in a padded envelope. "I don't think so," I replied. "Well, you got something from the Alliance for American Quilts."

I had just joined the Alliance on Thursday (so that I could get a discount on admission to Quilters Take Manhattan in the fall), so I was surprised to already be getting something from them. What a pleasant surprise to find an AAQ pin, a couple of gold-toned fat quarters, and a packet of "Word Play" fabrics from Benartex.  (I love all things wordy, so this was a excellent gift for me.)  Since I absolutely didn't expect anything from having joined, it was a really wonderful bonus.

I'm considering making a quilt for the Alliance's Home Is Where the Quilt Is contest.  You make a small house-shaped quilt that somehow reflects the theme.  (Click here to see some of the entries from last year.)The quilt judged best by their panel wins a fabulous prize from Handi Quilter, and all of the quilts are auctioned off to benefit the Alliance. A fun way to get motivated to design a lovely quilt and benefit a group committed to preserving our country's quilting heritage. The deadline is June 1, so I have to get going on a design.  Hmmm...

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