Friday, April 27, 2012


I checked in with my husband as I walked to the train after work today, just asking what he was making for dinner, if I needed to pick up anything on the way home, that sort of thing. I commented that the lovely spring evening had me feeling like I wanted to stop at City Quilter, although I was just there yesterday to pick up more batting and a larger rotary cutter (and maybe I also got a couple of long quarters), but what I really needed to do was a new post for my blog. He replied that he thought I'd have some organizing to do. 

Huh? We'd gotten a box of goodies from a friend in Greece this morning...

...but nothing that would involve organization, so I was baffled. "What do you mean?" I asked, to which he replied that he had set up something in my sewing area. Woo-hoo! My quilting station was done!

Last year for my birthday, my husband (an experienced woodworker) offered to build me a work table/storage cabinet for my sewing area. We're lucky to have a basement in our New York apartment, but our space is still limited. As I acquired quilting tools (and a little bit of fabric), I found I was having trouble finding adequate storage, not to mention I was forgetting what I already had. (Yes, I've bought the same fat quarter twice.) It's been a little longer in construction than he'd anticipated, but my fabulous quilting station is finally finished!

(Insert sound of angelic choir here...Ahhhhh!!)

The table is the same size as my cutting mat and is at a comfortable height for me to stand and cut or assemble quilts. There are deep shelves from top to bottom (I'll need to get some storage baskets) and, because space is at a premium, the table folds up to make a "door" for the top four shelves. Clever design by that man of mine. I'll be able to store my fabrics up top and things that won't suffer from a little dust (e.g., my sewing machine case) down below. It will also free up space on my sewing desk (just to the right of the station) for books, jelly rolls, tools, and the like.

When I got home, I spent a little time transferring my fabrics from various locations (including my desk, which no longer has room for my computer because of all the quilting supplies). I took a break for dinner (sliders and homemade potato chips--have I mentioned how wonderful my husband is to build things AND cook for me?) and now I'm blogging, as planned, but not about the quilt show we saw last week. That will wait for another day.

Tomorrow I'll have to choose between organizing my quilting station and working on one (or more) of my quilts. This is a dilemma I can work with.

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  1. Love your quilting station! You are very lucky to have a husband that builds and cooks. Mine does too! Their keepers!
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